Photo of Tomorrow Tomorrow en route to San Diego, CA during the annual MDR-San Diego race, July 4, 1993.

I lived aboard my Catalina 36 from 1985 until 1996, occasionally racing (carrying practically everything I owned with me...) with my all-girl crew, until Viki and I got married and bought a house. We still sail and race the boat, though (2nd place, cruising - MdR to San Diego, 1998!)

If you would like more information on the boat, look at the Catalina 36 Fleet 1 Home Page, and check out the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club Home Page for more info on the cruising-class regattas.

A song for sailors.....
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Venice Beach or a sample of Eleanor Fahey's very nice boating sketches.

Here's a brief resume, or you can e-mail me.

Termites are becoming a major problem in MdR. Many of my fellow boaters have discovered wings on their boats, an indication that the boat is infested! Here's something to do about it!

Our Cats
Cats 1
Sadly, both Pepper and Bubba have passed..
cats 2
Our new kitties - Bonnie(r) & Clyde(l)