Boatermite Protection System Order Entry

Product descriptions
Model Boat Size Kit description ShWt Price
M-001 mini block under 12 ft The mini kit is ideal for the small sailboat or runabout. The kit includes a single boaterm block. 9 oz $9.95
S-001 standard block 12-25 ft The standard kit includes 2 boaterm blocks to distribute the termite load along the boat's axis. 1 lb $19.95
D-001 double block 25-50 ft Adds additional boaterm blocks to give greater attraction. 2 lb $39.95
Q-001 quad block over 50 ft This kit adds sufficient blocks such that termites will not accidentally miss the block locations. 8 lb $129.95
R-001 replacement block (6pk) As the sacrificial wood is devoured, it should be replaced. We recommend that you keep a supply of replacement blocks on hand, and change the blocks before the old block is 50% used. (Replacement blocks require no additional hardware.)
NOTE: we recommend storing unused blocks in your freezer.
3 lb $5.95
L-001 nitelite To help protect even in darkness, add a light kit. This kit includes a small bulb to illuminate the boaterm block, allowing the marauding termites to find it easier. (1 required for each boaterm block - batteries not included.) 8 oz $1.95
L-002 Deluxe nitelite Since the termites shed wings to mate, this light kit is a small blinking red light. The termite assumes that he's in a red-light district, and really tries to get in on the action! May be mixed with standard light kit. (1 required for each boaterm block - batteries not included.) 8 oz $3.95
B-001 Power Allows use of ship's power for L-001 or L-002 rather than batteries. 1 lb $33.95