Is your leg sore yet?
Is your leg sore yet?
Surely by now you realize that this is a spoof!!!

But thanks for playing, and foist it off on your friends...

In surfing the net re termites, I did find a reference that indicates that termites do prefer particular types of wood.

The reference (url here if I can find it again) noted that termites seem to prefer the same type of wood that they were hatched in. If they swarm from oak, they'll swarm to oak.......which implies that if they come from boats (teak/mahogany/oak), they'll be more likely to attack (teak/mahogany/oak)...

I've not found any reference that claims termites will gravitate toward a "tastier" wood, however.

Termites are a potentially serious problem. It is possible (and effective) to tent boats. It's a good idea to keep an eye out for the wings, and to try to stop the problem before you end up with a soggy pile of sawdust!!!