BREAKTHROUGH Solves Little-known Dangerous Boating Problem

Years of research have culminated in a breakthrough of great importance to all boat owners.

The problem, which recurs insidiously in the Marina del Rey area involves that well-known household pest - the termite.

termite pic termite pic Many boat owners in Marina del Rey's anchorages have noticed the appearance (usually in late spring/summer) of a few wings in and around their boats. Yes, these wings are discarded by swarming termites, which then proceed to establish new colonies inside the beautiful wood of the yacht.

Usually we don't notice that the erstwhile owner of the wings has burrowed deep into the bowels of the boat, leading to potentially disastrous results. Imagine your boat sinking out from under you, dissolving into sawdust halfway to Catalina!

Young America There is conjecture that the sinking of oneAustralia off San Diego in 1995, and more recently Young America's crumpling in New Zealand could have been caused by termites! Do you want to take that chance???Photo by Bob Grieser/Quokka Sports(Used without permission)

You are probably aware of the "Galvanic Table of Metals", which compares corrosion resistance of metals, and leads to the use of sacrificial zinc anodes to protect the metals on your boat.

Under a grant from Gregorski Brothers Marine Engineering (just say G'me), we have developed a breakthrough solution for this problem.

Our research has led us to formulate the "Termitic Table of Woods", and allows us offer protection to the boat-owner in the form of replaceable, sacrificial wood blocks.

These blocks are formulated from woods that the termite prefers; so that when they drop their wings and head for the chow line, they will be attracted to this block rather than the expensive teak joinery or structural wood members of your boat!

At last, an economical and simple means of protecting your vessel from these marauding, destructive invaders. And the product is all-natural, non-toxic, and disposable!

Available in sizes to protect the smallest to the very largest vessels.

For pricing info, email your boat size and type. We will respond with a quote for the sacrificial block to protect your vessel.
Or see the Product Descriptions and feel free to order online ....

*(Not to be confused with the polyestermite, first described in Sail magazine April 1 issue, ca 1974)